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Shareholders & Executives & Management Teams in Banking Sector and Industry that have been successfully running for reaching the Future Business Model . DESIGN for your FUTURE:

  • Management Accounting

  • Establishing KPI’s and Gold Rules For Management Accounting Systems.

  • Negotiation & Relatonship Management between Companies and Financial Instutions

  • Monitoring Early Sign Up Signals For Companies & Financial Instutions.

  • Products & Loans For Banking & Financial Services

  • International Financial Reporting Standarts & Financial Analysis

  • Tools and Technics For CEOs, CFOs, Controllers and Auditors

  • New World Economy and Industry 4.0 and Effects

  • How will You Reach The Future Business and Lean Business?

  • Change Management For Executives

  • Project Management & New Age Methodologies

  • Research & Development Management

Empowering your company with Our Corporate Risk Management awareness..

Small Business Loans

Delivering the fundamental concepts regarding financial credibility analysis of the company and improving the participants’ abilities to interpret financial and non-financial data.

What are KPIs that the executives of the company need to pursue so as to improve the company’s credibility and increase its credit rating in a sustainable manner?

What are the key points in regards to negotiations and relationship management between the company and the finance institutions issuing the loan?

What are the early warning signs for loan analysts? How and how frequently do they need to be monitored?

  • • What are the qualitative and quantitative criteria that affect the company’s credibility in the eyes of credit institutions?

  • • How is the credibility affected by the compatibility of the company’s commercial business model with its financial activity cycle?

  • • How do financial statements and their analysis affect credibility?

  • • What does the top management of the company gain from accurate selection and sustainable monitoring of KPIs & SWOT Analysis?

  • • What are the common mistakes that are made in negotiations and relationship management with financial institutions?

    • How should the early warning systems and non-performing loan processes be managed?

    • Case Studies

How should the companies manage the process of re-structuring incorrectly-structured loans?

Corporate Risk / Credit Rating Management

Corporate risk management means identifying possible future scenarios and taking preventive measures against likely issues today so as to be able to implement and sustain the company’s strategic decisions. This training will handle the most fundamental factors that need to be assessed in corporate risk management.

  • • What is Risk Management?
    • The Increasing Need for Risk Management

  • • Examples of Scandals
    • Work Regarding Legal Regulations

  • • Corporate Risk Management
    • Principles of Risk Management
    • Elements of Risk Management

  • • Financial Risk Management
    • Operational Risk Management
    • Strategic Risk Management
    • Benefits of Risk Management

  • • Successful Criteria of Risk Management

Credit Risk Management will be driven right results for Your Company’s Credit Rating.




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